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Calle Dos Cinco in Historic Capitol Hill is a nonprofit organization made up of property owners, commercial tenants, and community partners. Together, we work to improve Capitol Hill's quality of life and promote its economic and cultural vitality. Governed by a diverse board of directors and in partnership with Oklahoma City, we pride ourselves on our innovative and responsible stewardship of Historic Capitol Hill.

Our mission is to preserve, support, and promote Capitol Hill as a place where Oklahoma history and Latino culture together create a vibrant, multicultural neighborhood business district.

Our vision Calle Dos Cinco in Historic Capitol Hill will be known as the facilitator of community development for the Historic Capitol Hill Business District.




Historic Capitol Hill is located just south of Downtown OKC and borders the Oklahoma River. Incorporated as a City in 1904, it was once slated to be the Capital of Oklahoma. Capitol Hill maintained sovereignty until 1911 when it was finally annexed to Oklahoma City with a dowry of $12,000.

Commerce Avenue was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Oklahomans, establishing the Capitol Hill Commercial District. Today, the newly branded, Calle Dos Cinco continues to promote that same family-focused and entrepreneurial spirit as it is now home to a growing number of multicultural shops,  restaurants, and services.

Calle Dos Cinco strives to preserve both the architectural and the cultural history of Capitol Hill by promoting its progression into the vibrant multicultural neighborhood business district it has become. Becoming a National Main Street in 1997, district leaders introduced the award-winning Fiestas de Las Americas Festival. This growing festival celebrates the diversity of cultures in the Greater Oklahoma City community. Welcoming crowds of upwards of 20,000 visitors each year to participate in the Cultural Celebration during Hispanic Heritage Month. Today various languages can be heard as you enter the walkable business district. The surrounding residential area boasts a population of 74% Hispanic origin and 5% Native American. You can find Native American and Latin Artisanry throughout the Capitol Hill small businesses.



A place where businesses and the community come together to call home. Businesses from auto service to medical care, fresh tortillas to the comfort foods of Grill on the Hill, as well as schools ranging from early childhood to post-secondary can be found in Historic Capitol Hill. In addition to FDLA, Calle Dos Cinco partners with business owners all year to welcome visitors to the district from all over the city. Including the new community-driven pop-up shops of El Mercado @ Calle Calle 25. Calle Dos Cinco is proud to continue hosting fun and safe events that bring families and communities together year-round.

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