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OKCine Latino Film Festival and Youth Film Institute

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The Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival will be a 2 day event, from March 9th - 10th.

The Oklahoma Cine Latino Youth Film Institute will take place every Saturday from January 27th-February 17th.

As Oklahoma grows to become the next major hub for the film industry, the OKCine Latino’s mission is to bridge the gap between the industry and those who may not have had previous exposure.

OKCine Film Festival

The Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival promotes the Latino cultural influence on cinema and has become a showcase for local and international filmmakers with submissions from Mexico, Spain, and South America. Our film festival kicks off with opening night on Saturday, March 4 in the Yale Theater. Join us as we present various films and awards and introduce you to the filmmakers behind these experiences. This night aims to introduce film lovers and filmmakers alike and will also include a presentation of short films created by the teams of students from the Youth Film Workshop: Class VII

The following Sunday will consist of free film screenings at the Capitol Hill Library. Join us as we watch these films and also visit with our guests in the filmmakers panel as they give us a behind the scenes look at their experiences creating their work and give us an insight into the film industry.

OKCine Film Festival 2023

Opening Night

(tickets required for entry) 


Film Screenings & Filmmakers Panels

Youth Film Institute

The OKCine Latino Youth Film Institute serves to broaden the exposure and access to the industry of film making and provide hands-on experience to our local Oklahoma students. Students will learn the basic theories and processes of creating their own film and then work together to create their own short films. Students will be involved in every aspect of filmmaking, from the planning and script writing to the filming and editing.

Youth Film Institute 2023

Date              Time               Location

1/27                    9a-1p              Capitol Hill Library

2/3                      9a-1p              Capitol Hill Library

2/10                    9a-1p              TBD (filming day)

2/17                    9a-1p              Oklahoma City University

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2021 Winners:

"Death and Liability (A Period Piece)

Best Actress, Blanca Ordaz


Best Oklahoma Short Film

Best Sound/Music, Benjamin Rodriguez Nevares

"For Diego"

Best Screenplay, Miguel Flatow

Best Cinematography, Demian Barba

"Imelda and Luis"

Best Editing, Jorge Alberto Urdapilleta and Leonel Chee


Never Too Late"

Best Documentary Short Film 


Best Director, Jeff Adachi and Chihiro Wimbrush


Best Documentary Feature Film

Best Editing, Raul Lopez Echeverria and Carlos Espinoza Benitez

"Tejano Night"

Best Student Short Film

Best Actor, Harold Fisch

"The Forgotten Place"

Best Screenplay, Jeff Locker

"Tomorrow's Game"

Best Actress, Miranda Meadows

Best sound/music, Lionel Cohen

"Vecinos: Love Thy Neighbor"
Best Actor, Rupert Reyes
Best Feature Film 

"With His Eyes Closed"

Best Director, Jose Navas

Best Cinematography, Angel Barroeta


Check out some of the behind-the-scenes footage of last year's Youth film institute! 

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2022 OKCine Opening Night April 22 - Adult Admission


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