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Capitol Hill Documentary (2017)

The Capitol Hill Board of Directors and Sponsors are excited to introduce the newest project for the district. As a way to honor the past, celebrate the present and build our future, we are currently working on a documentary the features the stories of the people who call Historic Capitol Hill their home.

The Board adopted a new Mission statement in 2017 – To preserve, support, and promote Capitol Hill as a place where Oklahoma history and Latino culture together create a vibrant, multicultural neighborhood business district.

We understand that Capitol Hill is an important part of Oklahoma City history. It is a place and a community whose history has been unfolding for over a hundred years; it is a story worth preserving and sharing.

One key objective the Board has identified is to capture the diverse history of the district through photography and film.


In January, a local videography firm was hired to conduct interviews to capture the stories of people who represent various influences of the area. Our goal is to create a documentary that is an engaging representation of Capitol Hill from the early years through the changes that continue to unfold today.

The film will consist of 6 episodes, each 3-5 minutes long, with a total length of approximately 20-30 minutes. Each episode will be promoted on social media and made available on the Historic Capitol Hill website.

We are proud to be working to capture the rich history of the area through personal interviews and photos. We welcome anyone interested in this project to contact us to share your stories, pictures, or other memorabilia that would help make this project a success. 


The Dawn of the Capitol Hill District – Interviews exploring what Capitol Hill was like, what brought people to the district, and personal experiences of those who have been around the district for decades. This episode will also look at historic locations with a focus on how these places have evolved and are used today.

Changes to the District – Interviews with communities who first arrived in the district, introducing first impressions, and a change in community. This episode will have an emphasis on businesses that have been in the district for several years, and what opportunities they saw in the district upon arrival.

Community Diversity – A look at the various influences that have contributed to the multicultural makeup of the district – different races, religions, and places of origin and what values are held in common. Local clergy and educators will be among those interviewed.

Growth – Interviews with long-time Capitol Hill businesses owners about how they have survived and struggles they have faced. The narrative will also explore the new businesses seeking to succeed and thrive in the area.

A New Generation – A look from a younger perspective on the events and experiences in the district and what the next generation can contribute to the district.

A Look to the Future – Interviews with district leaders and civic leaders about their vision for the future of the Capitol Hill District.

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